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MF Building Sets 1.4 for Wk

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1. New and Improved Architectures(1) Britons BRT4.png(2) Chinese CHN4.png(3) Korean KOR7.png(4) Vietnamese VNT4.png(5) Mongols MON4.png(6) Huns HUN4.png(7) Teutons TEU4.png(8) Goths GOTH4.png(9) Italians ITA3.png(10) Portuguese POR3.png(11) Magyars MGR4.png(12) Celt CLT4.png(13) Byzantine BYZ4.png(14) Vikings VIK4.png(15) Spanish SPN4.png(16) Slavs SLA4.png(17) Indians IND4.pngOther Civs : Middle East(Including Berber), Meso-Americans, Africans, Southern East Asians same as original sets 2. FeaturesSome Civs share new Feudal architectures and * are similar to Imperial Ages(1) Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean EA.png(2) Huns , Mongols MONHUN.pngThey have different towers and walls in Feudal age.Also, They will be changed totally differently from Castle age.(3) Magyars, Slavs MGRSLA.png(4)Itailian*, Portuguese* ITAPOR.pngCan you identify their differences?All architectures are new and better than exisiting ones3. Update(1) Version 1.1 1.1.png4 Castles are Brand new. Japanese and MesoAmerican Castle were sightly improved.I did it for Memb who love many new castles.(2) Version 1.2Berber building sets BER4.pngInca Wonder and Castle INCAWC.pngTurks roll back to original(Still Janissary with a Hat) Turksrollback.png(3) Version 1.3Mongols, Berber : Castle, Imperial Ages TC and Mill 131.png 132.png(4) Version 1.4a Bug fix for Britons UI on Low resolution4. Known IssuesBig Chinese Temple's tower foundationMongols's big castle stableVikings's big Feudal BarrackTurks, Saracens, Persians share all building only except for Castles(originally designed for Turks)Mayans, Incas, Aztecs share all building except for Inca Castle(originally designed for Aztecs)5. Reference and Criteria for selectionMost resources are from FE project we had done, We updated the latest and best architecture from Steam Workshop to AOKH. Based on historical accuracy we did, but because of limitation of resources some civs are still on going. Our design criteria are uniqueness and unity to others civs.Any sensitive feedback are very welcome for future update.Below are all the reference. Special thanks to all.Forgotten Empires 3.3 Made by MF Team Building sets : Catbarf and Gwotyng [You must login to view link] Castle : Lord Good[You must login to view link] Architecture : Dynasty_IV, Redkirby[You must login to view link] and some castles : ABEJIN[You must login to view link] : Saint_Michaels_ [You must login to view link] - Byzantine Architecture Mod & Majority of the Castle Age Mediterranean Buildings in the "Italian Building Workshop CollectionCatbart - [You must login to view link] - Improved Magyar Buildings & Imperial Age Italian Buildings
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